WWW.TORAHFORME.COM the site where you can download free mp3 shiurim in Torah, Mishna, Halacha, Hashkafa, Relationships, Mussar, Medrash, Pirkey Avot, Rambam, Tanach, Parsha, and more!!


Torahforme is a site established for disseminating Torah. Our goal is to live up to our name. Everyone should feel that torah is for me. The Torah is a gift God gave the Jewish people. Torah for you, Torah For Me, Torah for all of us. The torah has insights for all of us. I hope that this site is helpful and beneficial to beginners, intermediate and advanced Torah learners.

The Bible Classes are geared to all. They incorporate the words of Chazal (Our Sages) in a quick overview of the stories of Tanach. I hope they can also help teachers preparing classes in Tanach. If anyone needs the sources for the classes, please contact me.

The Intro to Talmud is based on Igeret Rav Shriray Gaon. We expand into the stories of the Gemara (Talmud) and try to get an overview and in-depth understanding of the Historical Development of the Talmud and the Halachic implications.

The Binyan Habayit Jewish Home- classes are geared to helping people learn to build productive and pleasurable relationships with their spouse. These are free classes in Home Building based on Rabbi Eliyahu Ki Tov's work The Jew and His Home and expanding to other practical tips.

Our Dating Classes are basic guidelines for dating within the Orthodox Dati Le'umi world in Israel. The Social norms in other countries and different parts of the Orthodox world differ greatly. It is not recommended for anyone living outside of this circle.

Leining Nach Oral Reading of the Bible with the Cantilation notes. As far as I know, this is the only site that offers Free Mp3 Downloads of Reading the Tanach with Trup Cantilation notes. I don't know of any other site that offers the books of the Prophets Navi. I certainly don't think that there are many in the world that know how to Lein Taamei Emet (correctly pronounced Ta'amei Emet) these are the cantilaiton notes for reading Tehilim Psalms, Iyov (Job), and Mishley (Proverbs). All of this is being made available free. I hope you will benefit from this. Your feedback is desired.

Medrash we have 2 classes in Medrash

Tana D'bei Eliyah Short deep Midrashim. The Gemara tells us that Eliyahu the Prophet taught this work to Rabbi Ana.

Pirkey D'rabi Eliezer One of the earliest recorded Midrashim. We try to cover a chapter each time. Most of our expansion is drawn from the commentary of Radal Rav David Lurya

Mishley Proverbs- Our classes go slowly and try to get a basic understanding of the message being given by King Solomon.

Parsha- possibly the most important class on our site. Here we try to go through the weekly portion in a quick and deep way. We include many of the Rishonim' commentary. My goal is that a listener who goes through one cycle of learning the Parsha with these shiurim will cover all the basic knowledge one needs. Sort of like a free Judaism 101 class. At the same time I try to add as much depth as is possible. I hope you enjoy it. Though the class runs approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, I usually spend nearly 10 hours preparing. J

Q&A this is an open session in which people ask any question that is bothering them in Judaism. The questions are varied and interesting. It can also be called the "Ask the Rabbi" session, or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Judaism

Reading Mishna like its' name I simply read the Mishna. This is helpful for someone who would want to review the Mishna they are learning on the go. The same holds true for all the other readings.

Songs here we recorded me teaching the guys at Machon Meir how to sing Jewish Songs. Here you can learn the Jewish Songs that are sung every day, on Shabbat , at Weddings and Festivals, Brit Millah and every occasion. The songs are taught slowly and methodically.

Shemona Perakim- Classes in Maimonides introduction to Prikey Avot. This is Maimonides work on understanding the concept of free will and how to work on becoming a better person (perfecting one's traits)

Thank you for visiting

Netanel Frankenthal

A teacher at Machon Meir in Jerusalem