Dear Listeners

Our site contains classes, oral readings, and Leining (reading the Text of the Tanach Bible- with traditional cantillation marks).

The classes are given primarily by Rabbi Netanel Frankenthal. The oral readings and Leining were prepared by him as well.


Important Notice about the Halacha Classes

You will find classes about Halacha Jewish Law. They were given in Machon Meir to students of the Machon. Halacha is dynamic and has to take the individual into account. As such, the Halacha classes have taken into account the primary listening audience the students of the Machon. Certain stringencies and leniencies are invoked taken that into account. Certain stringencies and leniencies are also omitted because of that consideration. It is important to note that these classes are Halacha L'ma'aseh only for the students of the Machon. All are welcome to listen.


Notice about the Havara pronunciation of words in the Leining

This is the Havara pronunciation that I grew up with. It is not necessarily correct. Please do not infer any implications from the fact that I read with this pronunciation. It is only indicative of the fact that this is how I was taught when I was little.


Leining of Mishley (proverbs) Iyov (Job) and Tehilim (Psalms)

The cantilation notes are different for these 3 books. I learned how to Lein it from a free tape that Rabbi Jeremy Weider was so kind as to transfer to mp3 format and send to my brother Hillel. Thank you very much to both of them.



Please note, this is the only site I know of that offers FREE downloads of Readings of the Rambam, Mishna, and Tanach!! (Hopefully, we will finish those series soon.)

I hope you spread the word to your friends and to any visually impaired (blind) that you know.

May we merit to honor and exalt G-ds name.